The NEW album "Big Big Sky" will be out at the beginning of April and Tiffany and Dave are kicking off their CD release at a gig close to home at The Carlisle River Hall where the community of Carlisle River, The Otways and beyond are coming together for a big celebration of their community.

See you there!

We'll also be doing another Easter Sunday show at Wolesley Winery with The Three Pairs  (Chris Wilson & Sarah Carrol, Jeff Raglas and Vicki Gaye)

details are about Carlisle River gig are.........

Saturday April 5th 7pm

Carlisle River Hall

Tickets- $20

Food and drinks available, no byo please

Enquiries 03 52340207

Bookings 03 52359273

Some words about the last album release- "Sunday"

For six albums, her crystalline voice has rung with the kind of unflinching reflection that turns to universal truth in the shared space between audience and performer.

Sunday, her seventh, is a watershed album.... an album that matches vivid, emotional storytelling with the expansive atmosphere of world-class producer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Steel. Partly as a result, it's the most fearless and accomplished self-portrait of Tiffany's career...

Michael Dwyer

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Singer / Songwriter

"For six albums, Tiffany crystalline voice has rung with the kind of unflinching reflection that turns to universal truth in the shared space between audience and performer".

Tiffany Eckhardt has established a solid reputation as one of Australia’s finest singers and songwriters, her acoustic style is the essence of her art, which remains verbal. Tiffy, as her many friends and followers call her, has been writing songs on the family piano since she was 10 and is a nature girl at heart.

Tiffany first became widely known for the quirky love song about her car, "Toyota Corolla" from her debut album 'Looking For Signs' Following this her song "Think About You" from her second album also received a lot of attention and radio airplay across the country. Tiffany has also received numerous awards for her song writing and has established herself as a favourite performer on the East Coasts Folk Music and Grass Roots Festivals & Events, touring widely and gaining a large following.

Tiffany has spent the last couple of years raising her two children, and performing only locally, so if you would like to know when you can hear her next, visit our gigs page, or join our newsletter to be kept up to date on what's happening, you may even be lucky enough to receive one of her famous recipes for chocolate zucchini cake.

Tiffany Eckhardt Folk Musician

New release

New Album Sunday by Tiffany Eckhardt

"I’ve got another song," she says....."d'you want to hear it?....

And sure enough there’s another beguiling tune all nice melody and chords on the outside and raw emotion running underneath..... ‘Child of Mine’ she calls it.....and in between labouring and parenting and housekeeping and homesteading and teaching music we find a moment to record it, one night, upstairs.....ideas and arrangements come and go....much talk about fashion, taste, and subjectivity.....late nights following my instincts, ignoring advice, or taking too much on board.....going to the studio the next day to listen to what happened only to find it’s all turned to mush....painful reconstructions.....

And abandoning the security of ‘the way we’ve always done it’ for something like the wide open the seventh album like the seventh son?.....does adding uke really fix everything?.....isn’t ‘the edge’ something you fall over?.....does the barking of dogs in the background matter?.....of course I can play that thing there.....what is it.......?

And here it is.....twelve new songs dressed up and ready for the ball.....they kind of chose their own costumes but we think they did ok....

Twelve new songs simple enough on the outside, but bearing hidden bundles of raw emotion, love and loss, serenity and simplicity....a still moment in the garden Sunday morning.....riding the Runaway Train to the digital city.....the wild ocean at Two Mile Bay dwarfing the tiny mourning figure on the cliff .....the endless Open Road......the sun rises and the moon sets.....

And yes, Tiff, I think it’s pretty good like that........
Dave Steel